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Margaret of Anjou

Margaret of AnjouIn French we call it as Marguerite d'Anjou (March 23, 1430 to August 25, 1482) was the spouse of King Henry VI from England. As such, she was sovereign consort of England from 1445 to 1461 and once again from 1470 to 1471; And Queen consort of France since 1445 to 1453. Born in the duchy of Lorraine, the residence of Valois Anjou, Margaret's second eldest spawn of René I of Naples and Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine. She was amongst the most important statistics in the sequence of dynastic universal wars acknowledged as the Wars of the Roses, who directed the Lancaster faction.

Due to recurrent bouts of insanity of Henry, Marguerite ruled the kingdom in the place of her husband.

It was she who, in May 1455, called for a grand council that excluded the York faction, and therefore the spark that catch fire the social disagreement that lasted more than thirty years, devastate the ancient nobility, and killed thousands of men, including his only son, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales.

Margaret was born on March 23, 1430, in Pont-à-Mousson, in the duchy of Lorraine, an Imperial stronghold in eastern France, which was ruled by the younger branch of the French kings, the residence of Anjou Valois. Margaret was the second eldest spawn of René I of Naples, Duke of Anjou and the bar, the King of Naples and Sicily and Isabella, Duchess from Lorraine.

On April 23, 1445, Margaret wedded King Henry VI of England, whose age was 8 years old her senior, in Titchfield in Hampshire. Henry at the time also called the Kingdom of France and controlled various parts of northern France. Charles VII, Margaret's uncle who also proclaimed the circlet of France, approved to the wedding of niece of his, opponent in the situation that would not have to provide usual funding and instead take delivery of the lands of Maine and Anjou from the English.

Margaret was fifteen, but a woman, beautiful, passionate and proud, and I knew it was his duty to zealously protect the interests of the Crown. She inherited the indomitable mother who fought to establish the demand of her husband to the Kingdom of Naples, and his paternal grandmother, Yolanda of Aragon, which actually govern Anjou "with a man's hand", putting the province in order and maintain English.  For example, the family and his own strong-willed personality, was fully capable of becoming the champion of the Crown.


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