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France Warrior Jeanne HachetteLaisne Jeanne (1456) was a French brave woman called as Jeanne Fourquet.(Jean the Hatchet) and his nickname Jeanne Hachette.

Everything she is presently known is an act of bravery on 27 June 1472, when he banned the capture of Beauvais by the crowd of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. The city was secured by about 300 armed men, controlled by Balagny Luis de.

The Burgundians are planning an attack, also one of them had actually planted a flag on the battlements, when Jeanne, ax in hand, fell upon him, throw him into the moat, he tore the flag, and revitalized the drooping bravery of the battalion. In appreciation for this brave act, Louis XI introduces a parade in Beauvais named “Procession of Assault", and wedded with Jeanne to her elected lover Colin Pilon, loaded with favors.

Good to the citizens of the city of Beauvais, the idea of being raped, pillaged, looted and features grilled extra-crispy-on Peasant Burgers by some small complex, was as attractive as a quick blow the ballsack with an iron fist. They would rather lead paint licked the side of a Crackhouse to let this numbnuts of mouth breathing into the city, so when they saw him come immediately stopped the drawbridge, brought to the militia, and prepared to crush the bladder into wrath with all they had.

As Louis King XI observed regarding how hard it was a single hand curved the rush of the combat by cutting up to some guy with an ax and biting his flag in half with her teeth could no longer prepared to top too. He throws a procession for her, generous with offerings, and given the right to marry the man of her choice; it was type of a giant deal in the days. Were bought and sold like cattle at the national fair. Today, a sculpture of Joan in the city who so courageously battle to protect, and in festival of their bravery a carnival called as the "Procession of the Assault" is celebrated every year on the anniversary of the battle.


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