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Athena the Greek Goddess

Athena the Greek GoddessAthena was known as a Goddess of war and wisdom. Unlike the war God Ares, she wasn't recognized for her brutality and bullying behavior. She was much more of a stategist along with a diplomat and was known as upon to mediate in a number of disputes and wars between the Gods.

This Greek Goddess seemed to be related to domestic crafts.

In Greek mythology she trained Prometheus astrology, architecture, navigation, medicine and mathematics. She's credited using the invention of weaving, spinning, the plough and rake.

She will be the Patron Goddess from the city of Athens exactly where her most well-known statue is situated within the Parthenon.

Athena assisted numerous of the Greek heroes in their quests such as Perseus, Hercules and Jason.

This Goddess had a really unusual birth as her spiral totally grown in the head of her father, Zeus. Her expectant mother, Metis a nymph, was swallowed entire by her father. This was simply because like his father prior to him he feared that his position could be usurped by 1 of his kids.

Athena the Greek Goddess was preferred youngster of Zeus, he entrusted her with his shield the Aegis.

She had a lot of half siblings such as: Hephaaestus, Ares, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hebe, Persephone, Hermes, the Fates, the Graces, the Muses, Tityus.

She herself by no means married. You will find a number of myths exactly where Athena protected her virginity when she obtained unwelcome male attention. For this reason the temple devoted to her is known as the Parthenon since the word indicates temple of the virgin in Greek.

Despite becoming a virgin she was built with a youngster named Erichthonius. He was created following an unsuccessful rape try when his father's seed chopped on the fertile earth.

The Archetypal women Warrior, she is generally portrayed wearing a helmet along with a goat skin breastplate referred to as the aegis. About the breastplate she mounted the terrifying head from the Goddess Medusa.

This Greek Goddess was known as the Goddess with bright eyes. Some scholars recommend that this props up theory that in earlier occasions she was also a storm and lightening Goddess.

This Archetype symbolizes physical strength, and also the capability to guard and battle for the rights and these of of other people.

The cisco kid side from the Warrior reflects the require to win at all expenses, abandoning ethical principles to prove your supremacy.

The Greek Goddess primary Archetype is the female Warrior. This really is illustrated by her position of defender and patron of Athens. She was also involved within the war against the siege of Troy and the giants.


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