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Amazons-Fearless Women Warriors in Life and Lore

Amazons-Fearless Women Warriors in Life and LoreFor instance, just a little explicitly Strabo has said: "Also the Amazons, it's stated, reside within the mountains from the Caucasian Albania. Theophanes took component in Pompeius campaign and marched about the nation of the Albanians, says that the Leges and the Geles - Scythians - stayed in between the Albanians and the Amazons. There is a river known as Mermadalis, running in between these tribes and also the Amazons. Other people, nevertheless, amongst whom had been Metrodorus the Sceptic, and Hypsicrates, who had been also familiar with these regions, wrote that the Amazons lived close to the border with Gagarians within the northern promontories of the Caucasus known as the Ceraunian Mountains."

Strabo says: "The Amazons invest their time isolated from males, occupying themselves with sowing and plowing, taking their herds to pasture and, particularly, in breeding horses. The much more courageous amongst them engage in hunting on horseback and physical exercise fighting techniques."

In their youth, all of these ladies have experienced their correct breast stop to allow a much more efficient use of their correct arm, particularly in throwing the javelin. They also utilize the bow, the axe, along with a light buckler. They prepare clothing, helmets, and belts from animal skins.

In the spring, they party two unique months, once they climb the close by mountains which separate them in the Gagarians. Following a classic custom, the Gagarians meet them there and execute sacrifices using the Amazons. They unite to procreate kids. They do it secretly within the dark - each and every Gagarian using the Amazon ladies they select. Following the ladies turn out to be pregnant, they return. The female kids who're born to the Amazons are kept, however the boys are passed to the Gagarians to rise. Every Gagarian who's given a youngster raises it as being his personal son, regardless of the uncertainty of its origin."

The Gagarians concerning which Strabo writes had been 1 of primary tribes of the Caucasian Albania. In other sources they're known as Gargarians or the Gargar individuals. Together using the Udi individuals, Gagarians / Gargarians had been probably the most essential tribe within the region. The province exactly where they lived was known as Gargarian Lowland.

But who had been the Amazons? Despite the reality that Strabo's story is, clearly, component fantasy, component legend; it might provide some basis for reality. For instance, it states that there had been two neighboring ethnic groups in Caucasian Albania: the Gagarians and Amazons. Needless to say, it's tough to think that Amazons consisted only of ladies. Much more than most likely, it had been a tribe with powerful traces of matriarchy, exactly where ladies served as warriors and chiefs of tribes. So the Amazons and Gagarians might happen to be individuals of various cultures and traditions and, maybe, with various languages and racial peculiarities.


Fearless Women Warriors

For instance, just a little explicitly Strabo has said: "Also the Amazons, it's stated, reside within the mountains from the Caucasian Albania.