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Penthesilea Woman WarriorPenthesilea was the queen of the Amazonian who led his flocks to the Trojan-War in sustains of Priamos King. Few of says she come while a mercenary of others, seeking redemption for the accidental death of his sister. In battles that results, Penthesilea swing the Makhaon a Greek hero, however it was shot chopped by itself Akhilleus. An idol on the removal of his command in the love with her, and turned her stiff to the Trojans unharmed proper burial. When Thersites teases him and few said that Penthesilea gouged out with a pierce, Akhilleus kill him.

Penthesilea arrives at Troy in the beginning of Posthomerica the night ahead of war must be restarted for the first instance after Hector's loss and interment. She came to Troy for two reasons: first, to show to others that her people, the Amazons, are big combatants and can share the hardships of war also, secondly, to mollify of the gods after she mistakenly killed Hippolyta her sister, while hunting. She enters with twelve friends, and assured the Trojans that she will kill Achilles. In his primary and just day of war, Penthesilea killed many men and clashes with Ajax son of Telamonian, but there is no clear winner, before she comes face to face with Achilles, who had been summoned by the Ajax Telamonian. Before the entry of Achilles, Penthesilea had tried to fight Ajax Telamonian, but only had laughed his attempts, his thought unfit to face him. Achilles kills over time, requiring only a knock on his shell to lie down and let her pleading for her life. Is insensitive to their pleas, however, and kills. He mocks his body until he removes his helmet. At this point, Achilles is so moved by the beauty of Penthesilea feels intense grief and sadness, because he wishes he could have married her.

Penthesilea was the queen of the Amazons and the daughter of Ares and Otrera. Penthesilea accidentally killed an ally of the Amazon Queen (Hippolytus, Melanippe or Glauce). To be sanitize of his offense, Penthesilea goes to the Priam. actually, in exchange for the aid of Priam, Amazons with her Penthesilea, come in the War of Trojan on the area of the Trojans. She enters the war in year 10th and the last year, after the death of Hector. As per to Hellanikos, Penthesilea clashes in the Trojan War for her to win the glory. Hellanikos going to say that, in the manner of the Amazons, a rider must win brilliance in war (in opposition to men) by she can marry (Gantz, 621).

Anything the cause for going to war, Penthesilea and the Amazons fought valiantly and well. son of Asclepius, and Podarces brother Protesilaus. In the Aeneid, Aeneas is the battle of Troy is depicted in the murals / mosaics in a temple in Carthage. In one frame, Aeneas sees and comments on the heroicism Penthesilea: Her success drew the attention of the battles of Achilles, and slowly made her way towards she could meet the famous Amazon. When she was about to face her, Chalcone of Cyparissus (which had fallen in love with Penthesilea) tried to dissuade. Chalcone quickly killed Achilles and Penthesilea battle occurred very soon.


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For instance, just a little explicitly Strabo has said: "Also the Amazons, it's stated, reside within the mountains from the Caucasian Albania.