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Fu HaoKing Wuding, one of the vastly holds Shang dynasty of the kings (1600 - 1046) requires the commitment of near the tribes by marry a woman as all of them. It had been during the one such wedding that Fu Hao enters King Wuding's court, finally becomes his wife and gains recognition as first woman general of China.

Fu Hao headed a military of 13,000 soldiers, the largest number of troops throughout the King’s reign. She is busy in the numerous movements by Wuding clash besides the individuals about the borders of the Shang kingdom.

She leads the fight besides the Jiang tribes, pleasing a lot of these confined. She moreover leaded the clash from the Ba, Yi tribes and Tu, with Hou Gao and Shang generals Zhi combating in her standard.

Wuding have such trust in her abilities like a warrior he gives her a fiefdom about the borders of his kingdom. She ended up being to defend the boundaries and begin attacks against other families from her monopoly.

It's a pity that there isn't a lot more details about her. What small is recognized of Fu Hao came from indications to her discovered inscribed on Shang vision bones. In quarries close to Anyang, in current daytime Henan region, archaeologist’s initiates’ cavern contains records of Shang. In one cave alone, there were 200 references to Fu Hao. From all of these records, we are able to glean how extremely she was thought of by the society by which she lived. The bones of oracle show worries about her well being, helath, her childbirths, her illnesses.

As though being a military leader was not enough, she served like a top priestess and prophet caster as fine. They are extremely curious role for a lady to play in those days due to the fact the King detained whole sway above custom matters. Sacrifices and rituals were probably the most important political activities of times. There's though evidence, in inscriptions of oracle bone that King Wuding frequently asked Fu Hao to conduct special rituals and provide sacrifices to the ancestors. This proved not just that Fu Hao was extremely respected, but also that she obviously had the king's confidence.

As she dies at in BCE 1200, Wuding King builds a tomb on her about the fringe of the royal cemetery in the capital Shang of Yinxu. Bronze ceremony captions acknowledged the tomb as fit in to Fu Hao., when it had been unearthed by archaeologists in 1976. Her last resting position close to Anyang is single of the mainly well conserved tombs of the phase. The tomb has been restored and opened to the public in 1999.


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