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Mariana PinedaBorned in 1804, Marriana Pineda married Manuel Peralta, a devoted supporter from the liberal origin, when she was just 15 years old. She ended up being to die a couple of years later, and she remained a widow in the chronological age of eighteen along with two children.

It was in the 1820s following a death associated with her first spouse that Mariana became more involved in politics activities.

She's known to have solid passports to assist digital rebel soldiers to flee but even though her house was searched through the law enforcement nothing was found. They came back however on 18th March 1831 and on finding a flag stitched using the words "Equality, Liberty as well as Law", she was placed directly under home police arrest. After trying to get away 10 days later on, she had been come to the convent exactly where political criminals had been held.

On 26th May 1831, the mule might consider the woman's from the convent to the Jardines  Triunfo where she had been garroted and then buried in an unblemished grave. She continues to be having finally already been exhumed and reburied; along with an oral plaque buildup represents the home (Calle Aguila, 19) where she spent her final years.

She was also known as heroine independence freedom fighter, had been executed within 1831. After laying abandoned for several years, it had been only within 1950 that landscapes had been constructed and also the Monument to the Immaculate Conceiving of the Virgin mobile associated with Triunfo which used to stand in the Puerta de Elvira had been relocated right here.


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